REACH Evaluation, based in Louisville, Kentucky, consults with non-profit, for-profit, philanthropic, and governmental entities in support of efforts to improve services and bring about organizational and community change. Our agency coordinates the KIP Survey administration, scoring, and dissemination of results, and has held this responsibility for eight survey administrations since 2003.

For more information regarding the KIP Survey, please contact Lisa Crabtree.

Lisa Crabtree, MA
Evaluation Researcher
phone: 502-585-1911
email: Lisa@reacheval.com



Our Team


Lisa Crabtree

Lisa Crabtree is the KIP Survey Project Manager, and is responsible for recruitment, marketing and district relations. She oversees the initiative throughout the process, from planning to implementation to report production. She has worked with the KIP Survey since 2003.


Daniel Sanders III

Daniel Sanders oversees online administration of the KIP Survey. He is responsible for organizing and directing the various tasks necessary to produce the district-level and state-level data reports using custom-built reporting software for each KIP administration.


Teresa McGeeney

Teresa is an epidemiologist and data analyst for REACH Evaluation. She helps to analyze and interpret the KIP data for KIP reports, as well as for REACH’s evaluation of various prevention and promotion programs. Teresa also leads the State Epidemiological Outcomes Workgroup, which uses key findings from the KIP and other data sources to inform surveillance efforts and prevention planning for behavioral health issues in Kentucky.


Edie Gebhard-Luther

Edie designs all publications related to the administration of the KIP survey and all final documents reporting the KIP survey data. Edie also maintains the REACH website, keeping all forms and reports related to KIP up-to-date.